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Arguing with the Kid in the Mirror...

Get your own damn toothbrush. This one is mine.

Hi, my name is Rei and this is me having a conversation with myself.
(Which you are just listening in on. You creeper.)
Who are you?



Feb 9 '12

Also, FYI About Birth Control

Not everyone who uses birth control does so for the sake of preventing pregnancy.

I use birth control for OTHER reasons!

Proof?  You want proof?

I don’t sleep with men.  I’m gay.  I am also possibly at least partially infertile.  Therefore, no need to worry about pregnancy!

So why do I still take birth control?

Hormone control.

I have PCOS, that is to say I have high levels of testosterone floating around in my bloodstream.  Birth control helps regulate my hormones (giving me more “female juice”) and therefore my symptoms.

Other methods for treating PCOS require an officially documented diagnosis of the condition, which has repercussions in many health insurance plans. Official PCOS-related treatments could be considered treatments for a “preexisting condition,” and everyone knows how insurance plans love to pay for those.  It is for such reasons that my OBGYN and I decided to take this route for treatment.  Plus, with generics I’m shelling out less than $10 a month, which is about as much as I can afford to treat this with anyway, unless I am forced to do more down the road (only a real problem if I want to get pregnant, I think).

Taking away birth control will take away the easiest method I have for treating my PCOS symptoms.

All because someone got all up on their socially conservative political high horse.

If you belong to a religious group that doesn’t believe in birth control, great.  You have every right to deny yourselves birth control.  I have no right to force you to use birth control, either, anymore than I have the right to force wine and coffee down a practicing Mormon’s throat.  That’s Freedom of Religion. Go have a party.

But don’t you dare think of taking away my rights for birth control. I do NOT, repeat, do NOT belong to your religion, and you have NO RIGHT to push your religion’s values onto me.  You have NO RIGHT to deny me my birth control on YOURS or ANYONE ELSE’S religious grounds whatsoever.  And unless you want to start a theocracy, this is the way things are.  Because that’s ALSO Freedom of Religion. 

In conclusion: don’t fuck with my birth control.