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Arguing with the Kid in the Mirror...

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Hi, my name is Rei and this is me having a conversation with myself.
(Which you are just listening in on. You creeper.)
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Sep 3 '13

Being a leftist libertarian seems to mean that your hardly get along with anyone, at least not politically.

Not options number 1, 2, OR 3.


Sep 3 '13

So I just stumbled onto a “White Pride” Tumblr and it’s just as ridiculous, misguided, and borderline farcical as the “Straight Pride” Facebook page I found a few months ago.

Who are these people and where do they come up with such bullshit?

Sep 2 '13

Connecting Syria’s allies and enemies


An interactive look at the political and military positions for and against military intervention in Syria.

Go the the page and click on the circles for more information. 

I also really liked the opinion piece:

Aug 26 '13
Aug 25 '13





Just a reminder that the LGBT community isn’t some magical place where everyone is accepted. 


Fucking ignorance just makes me pissy.

This shit makes me really angry.

This makes me furious, sad and as usual it’s what bisexuals deal with all too often. Too queer for straight people, too straight (passing) for gay people. Talk about a no-win situation.

Kyriarchy within the queer community makes me rage. We need to be on each other’s side, not squabbling over petty shit. We’re ALL queer! :(

Aug 13 '13

You know, there is a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.

You can appreciate other cultures without hijacking them, subverting them, turning them into superficial caricatures.  You can play a part in the storytelling of another culture without casting yourself as the foreign hero, the one better at being the best in that culture than people in that culture are (which really indicates how universally superior you view your own culture as in the first place). You can learn from other cultures without making it all about you.

Because when you do all those horrible things? You aren’t really appreciating the other culture, but stealing it and twisting it and chewing it up and then having the audacity to say you own it or worse, having the audacity to be offended when people call you out on your behavior.

Appreciation is a compliment, a part of sharing and growing, cultural exchange, learning to understand your fellow human beings, even understanding yourself better.  No one should be saying you are not allowed to enjoy aspects of another culture; that is a counter-productive sentiment.

Appropriation is an insult, is theft, is kyriarchy in action, is a sign of privilege and blind feelings of entitlement.  People are verymuch vindicated in pointing out instances of appropriation.

Go for the former, NOT the latter.

Jul 20 '13

Revolution of Thought

We are continuing to make what is a ten thousand year old mistake.

Our society has suffered from cancer ever since the start of this, and we’re now reaching stage 4.  Colonialism and industrialization are just the most recent waves of this damned disease we have, the last chapters in this ongoing tragic tale.

But in order to change the way people act, we must first change the way people think.

We need a revolution of thought.

An infection of ideas.

Because a person can be squashed, but whole groups of people and whole networks of ideas are harder to do that to, especially if they can be anywhere or anyone.

Infect the masses with ideas!

Ideas such as: let our society not devolve into fish, but evolve into whales. Let’s take the best of Paleolithic society and the best of current technology and the best of all the beautiful, fucking FUNCTIONAL civilizations we have subjugated and/or eradicated and wed them all together into a whole new kind of revolution.  Because people weren’t meant to live this way. 

They weren’t really meant to live any one way.  They were meant to live a thousand different ways.  Each way custom tailored to a specific environment, each following the laws of fucking utility and natural selection.  We’re organisms, and like all other organisms we’re supposed to be a part of and adapted to the local ecosystem.  This notion that we are somehow above and beyond nature, that we are somehow not subject to the laws of nature, is the hubris of our kind and it’s going to fucking catch up to us someday…

We’re supposed to have a real sense of community, and know our fucking neighbors and not see them as the possible enemy.  We’re supposed to cooperate and look out for each other, NOT exploit each other and contrive some sort of bullshit vindication for this behavior. We’re supposed to be a gregarious fucking species. Cooperation is survival.  This homogenous bullshit and this social stratification we have today isn’t going to work in the long run.  Diversity is beautiful.  We need to stop fucking stamping it all out like we have, so fucking systematically and cruelly, for the last 10,000+ years.

Look at all of our problems.  Look at our damned collective psychological state.  Look at the cage we’ve fucking put ourselves and forced others in.

Our society is sick.

Let’s work on a cure.

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Jul 5 '13



the abortion bill was passed through the house today in texas and no one even cares now

well, fuck


The committee is just the first step.

Now it’s out to the floor for a final vote.

I do believe those official proceedings will begin on Tuesday.

It’s not over yet.

Jul 5 '13

Fratboy DoucheBro Culture

I never got it and I never will.

It’s like stupidity, ignorance, sexism, racism, entitlement, caveman logic, and testosterone all got together to make one fucked up baby.

 And that baby sat next to my family at the river for a 4th celebration.

Where do these people even come from?

They try to look like Ken dolls and wind up being a failure at pretty much everything else.  They have the worst attitudes and seem to generally just… suck at being decent human beings.

These people need to exist somewhere very far away from me.  Like an island somewhere.

They make me feel ashamed to belong to the same species as them.

Jun 26 '13


Ladies, gentlemen, and human beings in general not covered by those labels!

I’m pretty sure the bill is DEAD!

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Jun 23 '13

This Snowden thing is hilarious.

The U.S. government is pissed because he tattles on them. Snowden tells the international community as well as the people back home that Big Brother is a thing.  And our government doesn’t like to be tattled on…

So they call Snowden a traitor and charge him with espionage.

Then the U.S. asks the international governments they’ve been spying on to give Snowden back.

And the international governments are like, “uh, we’re having some trouble processing your paperwork. Oh, look at that! He’s not here anymore, sorry. But since we have your attention, we were curious on what you were spying on us for…”

Honestly, what were you EXPECTING to happen?

U.S. government, you so silly.

Sep 30 '12

Yeah so apparently we had earthquakes in the Metroplex last night? What?

Aug 8 '12

Maple Stories

So I was Mapling today, as a 20-something level Jett kicking blue mushroom ass. Y’know, gunning down fodder in mid jump, doing flips everywhere and generally just being a quiet lil’ badass, like I do.

Then this player dweeb comes in out of nowhere and asks if I was really a girl.

"Uh, yeah?" I said. What a weird fucking question. My current character was not only female, but also the second most effeminate one I’ve created (topped only by a male Phantom of mine).

"Oh," he said, after a pause. And then, "I thought you might be one of those sick boys who play as girl characters."

Wait, what the fuck?!


He actually said “sick.”

My brother plays both male and female characters, too. And he actually prefers the female characters because “they have better clothing options.”. Should he have to feel fucking insecure about that? Should I have to feel fucking insecure about playing boy characters? Should boys avoid playing fucking Metroid games and girls avoid fucking Zelda games?!

Sick?! Really?!

That, and his question. It was a hilarious question because there’s been times IRL that people have asked me that, and I’m not even really butch over here. And somehow, some random dude in an online game managed to spit out the exact same question…

Fucking GENDER CONFORMITY, people. It is ruining my enjoyment of a simple side-scrolling MMORPG. And that’s not even the real world. The real world can be about a million times more ridiculous.

So I told this kid that I have characters of both fucking sexes and sometimes the female ones are tomboyish and sometimes the male one’s are girly and IRL I’m a genderqueer lesbian and that’s how I roll. Then I waited for his response. For five whole fucking minutes. I gunned down some more fodder out of frustration and to kill time.

Go on. Just fucking say it.

And he was all, “oh. Um, I really like your character. 0.o” And then he proceeded to ask me for neutral game advice before leaving.

Damn straight.

Jun 18 '12

Reuters chart showing the latest results from yesterday’s elections in Greece.
READ MORE: Relieved Europe hints at more time for Greece

An example of representative democracy skewing popular opinion.Interesting.Whelp.


Reuters chart showing the latest results from yesterday’s elections in Greece.

READ MORE: Relieved Europe hints at more time for Greece

An example of representative democracy skewing popular opinion.



Feb 26 '12

Hey hey hey hey, Billy Crystal…

You better watch yourself.

So yeah, Harry Potter didn’t win any of the awards.

But then, after the movie’s last chance to win an award was blown, you mention Harry Potter in passing, in some kind of sarcastic, chucklehead fashion?

Not cool.

Dude, you’re not being very funny this year.

Stop it already.  >:/