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Arguing with the Kid in the Mirror...

Get your own damn toothbrush. This one is mine.

Hi, my name is Rei and this is me having a conversation with myself.
(Which you are just listening in on. You creeper.)
Who are you?



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Jun 26 '13


Ladies, gentlemen, and human beings in general not covered by those labels!

I’m pretty sure the bill is DEAD!

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Jun 23 '13

This Snowden thing is hilarious.

The U.S. government is pissed because he tattles on them. Snowden tells the international community as well as the people back home that Big Brother is a thing.  And our government doesn’t like to be tattled on…

So they call Snowden a traitor and charge him with espionage.

Then the U.S. asks the international governments they’ve been spying on to give Snowden back.

And the international governments are like, “uh, we’re having some trouble processing your paperwork. Oh, look at that! He’s not here anymore, sorry. But since we have your attention, we were curious on what you were spying on us for…”

Honestly, what were you EXPECTING to happen?

U.S. government, you so silly.

Sep 11 '11

This is too perfect.

Sep 8 '11