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Sep 2 '13

Connecting Syria’s allies and enemies


An interactive look at the political and military positions for and against military intervention in Syria.

Go the the page and click on the circles for more information. 

I also really liked the opinion piece:

Jun 18 '12

Reuters chart showing the latest results from yesterday’s elections in Greece.
READ MORE: Relieved Europe hints at more time for Greece

An example of representative democracy skewing popular opinion.Interesting.Whelp.


Reuters chart showing the latest results from yesterday’s elections in Greece.

READ MORE: Relieved Europe hints at more time for Greece

An example of representative democracy skewing popular opinion.



Feb 9 '12

Dear Republican Candidates

Why are you pushing the social conservative angle so hard?

If there’s one thing I’m definitely not, it’s socially conservative.

And I may not claim loyalty to any party, and I want to give both parties a fair chance to win my vote, but if y’all keep this shit up I’m just going to vote for Obama and friends again this time and y’all will just be 100% S.O.L..

Because the last thing I will ever do is vote for a guy who seems hellbent on taking my rights away. Even if that means voting for someone I am only feeling lukewarm about.  I mean, at least he’s done a few things I actually agree with.

Because you political types are not providing any options that really, truly satisfy me.

Sincerely, Me

Jan 20 '12



Jan 19 '12

Fucking FBI


And the US. Why do they waste time with internet piracy when there are real operations they should be focusing on? Like human trafficking?

I realize it may seem easier to shut down one website but it’s such a waste of time and resources when there are legitimate threats out there. GAH I don’t even want to talk about this right now.

Why?  I know why.

The reason the internet piracy issue gets all the focus and the human trafficking issue gets none is because some big wigs in certain big industries out there think they’re losing lots of money on such internet piracy, so they are spending a smaller sum of money buttering up congress in order to have laws such as these written and passed (hopefully not!) or have authority figures and organizations (ahem, FBI) crack down on all those horrible offenders.  Same old bullshit that’s been going around for a decade taken to an even higher level.  Because there’s money to be earned.

Human trafficking, however?   Prove to these businesses and politicians that they’re losing money over the issue and perhaps they would pay more attention.  Or persuade them that it will greatly help their public image, gaining them more votes or support and -wait for it- more money.  That might also do the trick.  The only way issues like human trafficking will receive the same kind of focus as issues such as copyright infringement or piracy or whathaveyou is if there’s money to be gained from the venture.

To people in politics (and people in big business as well), money often matters more than people.  :/  Sad, but true.

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Dec 19 '11



Same wardrobe consultant?

So proud to be a Texan. Except for that guy.

Le sigh.

Allow me to introduce you to someone I never have and never will vote for.

There’s a lot of things I love about Texas but he is NOT one of them.

Oct 22 '11

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Sep 11 '11

This is too perfect.

Sep 9 '11


I watched Obama’s speech last night, as well as the follow-up commentary from various news channels, from CNN to FOX to MSNBC and so on.

I hate politics.  Whenever I actually pay more attention to what’s going on, it pisses me off.

It’s a damn circus, a damn popularity contest.

Every news station is biased.  I had to stop watching O’Reilley after less than five minutes, though, because he was the worst and pissed me off more than anyone else.  Being an asshole doesn’t make you right, man.  Yelling at people and belittling them does not equal “winning.”

I switched to Fox Business then because, even though the same kinds of biases came through somewhat often, the guy actually talked sense every once in a while as well.  The same for Rachel Maddow.  She has some obvious biases and an obvious angle she is approaching the news at, but at least I am easily able to filter that out and still get some worthwhile ideas and information from her.  Compared to some other hotheads in the news circuit, those two actually seemed very rational to me.

I mean, I idealistically like what Obama said.  I’m just worried about how he is going to make all that actually work.  Especially when it comes to money.  Especially in such a stupid ass partisan atmosphere where people seem to care more about winning and getting money than really fixing things.  And I say that as a casual observer.

I don’t know.  It’s all one big frustrating mess.

Still not ever going to vote for Perry, though.  That much I know.